Who can attend the All Night Party?
Only Grant students who are eligible to walk across the stage on graduation night may attend the Party. Graduates attending must have completed all requirements for graduation as determined by the counseling office at Grant High School. For those not eligible to walk, counselors may approve attendance on an exception basis.

What happens at the party?
There will be MANY activities to choose from throughout the night. Last year we featured these events. The location will be different this year so we may not have all these same activities – but this will give you an idea: Banquet lounge where different cuisines were served throughout the night – asian food, pizza, deli sandwiches, dessert course, Italian fare, salad bar, doughnuts. Latte cart and smoothie bar. Casino games – Craps, Black Jack, Texas Hold ’em, Roulette.  Temporary tattoos, henna tattoos, hot tub, swimming pool, leisure pool with two slides.  Gaming area or video game truck – every game, every console, big screens and couches. Photo booth, outdoor fire pit lounges. Music lounge with DJ. Laser tag. Sumo wrestling. Basketball. Ping pong. Bungee Run. The evening wraps up with a special performance that is guaranteed to leave grads amazed and amused.

How do seniors sign up?
Early Registration starts now. Check the registration page links to the forms and online payment. We recommend registering online as it is the easiest and allows you to use a debit or credit card. You can also register in person by picking up a form at the front office and dropping it off or mailing it in.

What if I can’t afford the $90 registration fee?
Scholarships are available for students/parents are unable to pay the full registrationd fee. You can contact your school counselor to ask about scholarships or contact Suzanne Bock at suzbock@gmail.com. may have financial so every student can attend.  Our goal is 100% participation. Check out the funding page for details on scholarship applications.

Can parents, other family, or friends attend the party?
This party is for Grant High School seniors only. Please do not ask to bring siblings, parents, relatives, friends, or other guests, as they will not be admitted. Adults are welcome if they have signed up in advance to volunteer at the party.

How do grads get to the party?
Buses will transport graduates directly from the graduation ceremony to the Party location. After the Party, buses will return students to Grant at approximately 5:00am on Tuesday morning, June 5th.

Where is the party held?
For event security and to keep it a surprise, the location is not released to anyone for any reason.

Can graduates leave the party?
Partygoers will NOT be allowed to leave the venue by any other means of transportation with the exception of illness. All graduates must ride the bus back to Grant following the Party unless arrangements are made in advance in writing. Please make arrangements for transportation home from Grant at 5:00 am Tuesday morning, June 5, 2018.

How is the event kept alcohol, tobacco, and drug free?
This is a smoke-free party and the use, presence, or possession of alcoholic beverages or drugs by students or attending adults will not be tolerated either before or during the Party. No exceptions.  Grant administration and PPS security teams will be on site to keep the evening safe and fun for all attendees.

What are the rules?
Student conduct expectations are the same as for any Portland Public Schools event. Appropriate behavior is expected of those attending the Party – on the bus, during the event, and on the ride home.